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This project was an ongoing sequence of different projects. To start with the existing old and dated asbestos sheet cladding on the outside of the house was removed and replaced with a new and modern looking chamfer board, which updated the place considerably.

A second project involved removing of a post under the house and supporting the structure with steel beams, built some framing to allow for a garage door but the net effect of this project was to allow for the garage to be able to accommodate two cars where previously there was room for just 1 car. A load bearing wall was removed from upstairs and the kitchen was completely renovated. New cabinetry with two pack finish doors and a granite bench top feature in this lovely new kitchen.

At the front of the house the old, ugly roof was removed to make way for a new and modern look roof to create a sheltered portico area. The old front door was removed and replaced with an old door from one of the parents’ places. The aged door was restored to look as new. Now positioned at the house entrance with side panel windows it adds a lovely inviting feature to the front of the house.

About a year later the whole porch area was renovated to completely enhance the entrance to this lovely period home.