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Home renovations or extensions can be very exciting. But they also involve a lot of time and effort- the likes of which is not always possible for you (as an owner).

Fret not- our experts at “Smart Reno” won’t make you take those unnecessary home extension headaches. At one call, they will reach your place, perform the inspection and communicate with you about your extension requirements. Once all the key project specifications have been sorted out, then only will they begin working on your dull and daggy looking house.

They have heaps of field experience, and having transformed countless old properties into modern, attractive homes; they will be the best choice for your house facelift.

If you have never hired any extension or house renovation specialists, then the task could be a daunting one. However, to ensure that the work doesn’t take up a lot of effort, here are some key dos and don’ts to keep in mind when sorting out your options.

Follow closely! 

Beginning With The Dos: 

1. Do Check Their Valid License and Insurance? 

Be it a house extension or rebuild, it is always important you choose a contractor with a valid license and insurance. Be wary of builders who refuse to disclose their license or are unclear about their insurance coverage.

To get closure; you should check your chosen builder in the HIA- House Industry Of Australia or MBA- Master Builder in Australia. It will reveal the list of contractors having legitimate work license and both Public Liability Insurance and Home Warranty Insurance (including the one you are invigilating). 

2. Do They Perform All Range of Renovations? 

Perform All Range Of Renovations

It is very important to know the range of renovations a builder can perform. With that, also check how many years have they been in this field of work.

The good news for you is that each extension builder in Brisbane possesses a valid work license and insurance coverage. Plus, they specialise in:

  • Extensions and custom home constructions
  • Quality home renovations
  • As well as updating and building decks and other outdoor areas

Have a word with them, and they will willingly answer all your questions.

3. Do Ask For Client References And Work Samples? 

Word of mouth is always a confidence builder, and asking for client reference is one way to determine how good the contractors are, in reality. Quality contractors will not shy away from sharing references of their happy customers and their work samples. This reveals their professionalism and flexibility to work on different projects.

If there is any hesitation from the contractors in sharing information, skip over to the next-best-option. 

Moving Over To The Don’ts: 

1. Don’t Forget Checking If They Provide Details Of The Extension Project IN Writing: 

You should not forget to ask if the extension builders in focus are willing to share a written journal about the extension project. Our top-rated builders will never hesitate in sharing information, as they believe in transparency with their clients.

  • They will provide you with a written scope of the project- which is an outline of the construction.
  • They will also provide engineering documents, soil test reports and also the final cost of the labour, materials and the time-frame for the project completion.
  • Plus, these experts will share details of the raw materials along with its detailed costs for you to know how much you would need to spend.

2. Don’t Ignore Their Work Process: 

Never Skip Knowing Their Approach

You need to see how their works on all their projects, as it will give you a fair idea of how they will process your project work. Our renovation and extension experts at “Smart Reno” always make it a point to understand the scope and specifications of the project.

To improve the project plan, our experts of house extensions in Brisbane:

  • Will measure the project cost against the end product and come up with a strategy for your project within your estimated budget.
  • While performing the rebuilt, our experts will always adhere to the construction norms and regulations. They also serve as your advisory body, suggesting what best will be accomplished with the budget-at-hand.
  • They will always use top-quality raw materials for the build and ensure that the extension complements the rest of the house nicely. They will get the task done in the highest of standards, thus giving you true value for your money. 

3. Lastly, Don’t Skip Comparing Their Service Rates: 

There is no reason for you to pay more than the service rate. And one good way to assure this is asking for service quotes and comparing those rates with other reputed house extension companies.

Performing the comparison will reveal if the company abides by the accepted industry rates. So, don’t skip checking this crucial aspect out.

If you have a project too difficult to complete alone, call our experts and discuss your project. Surely, they will be happy to assist you.