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When it comes to buying your own home, the first choice you’ll have make is often whether to buy an existing home, or build one.

Many factors come into the decision, as it can depend on the location and your lifestyle needs. While it may seem like an easy option to find an existing home that you can move into straight away, a custom design home has many benefits.

Most of us might have heard a horror story of two with regards to a building project gone wrong, with the unfortunate homeowners left to deal with unending nightmares in resolving critical issues of the build. However, the key to a smooth and successful build is choosing the right builder. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the benefits of custom designing your own home, such as:

1. Quality and warranty

An existing property, while initially convenient and may save you time, can cost you more down the track. Hidden issues may not surface until you’ve settled in, and often in older homes, the kitchen and bathrooms will sooner or later require a full renovation or remodelling due to aging pipes and inefficient layouts. In contrast, a newly built home is defect free, and usually comes with a warranty. Even if you find issues after moving in, they will be remedied at no cost to you, saving you time, stress and money.

2. Customised floorplan

Of course, a major benefit of building your own home, is being able to fully customise the floorplan to suit your every need. You dream it, we build it. You can design the floorplan to suit a growing family, decide where rooms are located, the size of each room, how many bathrooms, how large your pantry will be, right down to the fine details of doorknobs, lighting, and tapware. Everything in the home can truly be uniquely yours. What more can you want than having a personalised dream space that you can look forward to coming home to every day?

3. Energy efficiency and new technology

Another often overlooked benefit of a custom built home, is the savings element in terms of environmental and energy efficiency. Nowadays, modern appliances are not only ‘smart’ but are also designed to save electricity when maintaining performance. You can incorporate smart wiring within your home, and your floorplan can take into account the orientation of your block to maximise warmth in winter months, while keeping cool in summer with window placements. Technological advancements also allow you to customise home automation devices while strengthening the overall security of your home.

However, if you’re already in your own home, in some cases an extension and renovation can still be a viable option and comparable to new build. The main factors to consider are the age of the property, current value and future value after renovation. For more information on whether to renovate or rebuild, visit our website to download our FREE eBook outlining whether you should renovate or rebuild.

It is essential to revisit the importance of choosing the right builder when it comes to your dream home project. Here at SmartReno, our team ensures that your build is progressed with complete transparency and communication throughout, from start to finish – a key to a successful experience. We also offer a full design and construct service, meaning that we can see you through from the very beginning at the concept stage, to customising your design, right through to completion and delivery – so you don’t need to maintain multiple contacts during your build. Most of all, we ensure no detail is left out and no compromise is made on quality, materials, or workmanship while adhering to timeline and your budget.

Why not get in touch to take advantage of the benefits of custom designing your own home. Visit: or call us at:  0406 616 690 today.

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