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Lift and Build Under Project
This was a major project which involved the lifting of the old home and supporting it with steel posts from a concrete slab under. The old house had to be stripped of asbestos before any work could proceed. Once leared, building under started with a new kitchen, living and dining area, laundry and powder room and the building of a formal entry.

Next was the construction of an extension to the side of the new and old work to accommodate an internal staircase. The work on the upper floor was then started with the removal of some of the internal walls replaced by a new configuration of walls to allow for completely new layout to include bedrooms and two new bathrooms and toilet.

All windows in the upper level were replaced and the old timber doors were refurbished. The timber flooring was sanded and polished to maintain the character of the old home. A deck was built off the upper level affording a lovely spot to overlook the yard. Aluminium windows and doors were used in the tiled lower floor.

The whole house was reclad using a chamfer board, including the new carport to the front of the house. inally the home was painted completing the picture of turning an old house into a beautiful modern home.