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Lift and Build Under

Transforming Houses into Homes

A project that requires the home to be lifted and built under is a major undertaking and planning is of the utmost importance. There is really only one outcome for this type of job and it must be done right in the first place.
Pedram and his team spend the time to ensure that the planning for this type of project is without fault and as a result, the finished product is amazing!

Raising the home in the first place takes very careful planning and engineering works making sure that supporting posts are correctly placed to enable the build under to be completed without having to move posts or walls. In all, it is a logistical challenge which SmartReno loves to take on. Challenging builds like this are another way where they can feature their workmanship.
In the case of the lift and build feature here, an older home was moved onto the site, raised and positioned to enable a new modern downstairs area to be built under the old home. Upstairs the features of the old home were enhanced by careful selection of complimentary trims and wood features.

The combination of both the modern and the old meet beautifully in a magnificently designed home which sits proudly in the neighbourhood, defying all thoughts that it was an old home lifted and built under.

Another amazing project completed by the SmartReno team.

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Lift of Old Home to Build Under

Full lift of the old house to build under and refurbish

Full old timber house needing lifting to allow the build under and full refurbishment of the home.

Built Under

The major job of lifting the old house to build under was just the start of this major transformation.

Amazing Results

The old timber house has been transformed into a beautiful butterfly! The owner’s inspiration for the home was amazing and the final job outstanding!

Photos of our projects are in the Gallery

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