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Renovations – Kitchens and Bathrooms

Home & Kitchen Renovation Services in Holland Park & Alderley

An old skin needs to shed before the new ones come. You have been living in your well-constructed house for years. Comfortably, isn’t it? But with the time, you also need to have the renovation done to meet your end requirements. The family is expanding! You are adding more equipment to your house! You are getting involved in society! Many such reasons indicate that you ought to renovate your house- especially the bathroom and kitchen.

If you think that your house is wearing a weary look, RENOVATE. If you want to add value to your house, RENOVATE. But what is that making you think twice about the renovation? Price or is it the unavailability of the proficient professionals? Mates, renovation is time-consuming and includes a mismatched idea of bettering the look of your house. The end result of home renovations must enhance the lifestyle and should increase the value. Hiring the professionals undoubtedly makes the process refurbishment hassle-free and effortless.

SMART RENO in Home Renovations

With the combined experience of over 80 years, our prime focus on the home renovation in Holland Park depends mainly on adopting the specific methods for renovation, measurable process for the renovation, attainable resources for the renovation, relevant sources for the renovation and time-bound completion of the renovation project.

Our team of professionals serving in Brisbane area along with the other major parts of Australia ensures that the project we undertake does not remain incomplete. We take into account all the possible efforts to make sure that you get back the value of money you expense in the renovation. We provide renovation consultation and also ensure that we follow our clients’ suggestion, dream and idea if any put to us.

Our efforts and the means that we follow make sure that you get the best. Our finished projects around Australia, especially around Holland Park, provide you with the utmost satisfaction with a feel of enhancing the quality of your living by valuing your idea of renovation. All projects, executed by us, are the master pieces in their way. We aim to guarantee outstanding reputation of the quality with an effort for 100% customer satisfaction at the most affordable price. Trust us; we are the preferred home renovation experts.

SMART RENO in Kitchen Renovation

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of your house. Therefore, we take all the possible measures to ensure that our kitchen renovations in Alderley is much more than adding fresh coats of paints onto the walls. We ensure that our vision on the big canvas is clear and proceed accordingly. We include each finer detail into our renovation work by considering the present structure or the need.

For the professionals at SMART RENO, details are not just details in literary form. Instead, we try to weave details to make designs. We have the extensive market and industry knowledge in the home renovation. We know the trend that helps us to renovate your kitchen in a better and subtle way. Our wide industrial exposure helps to freely renovate and work on the proposed design to build your dream successfully. We use all our might to use the right and high-quality materials to deliver the best result within your budget.

Why Choose SMART RENO for your Renovation Needs?

The expert professionals at SMART RENO strive at making spaces beautiful. Kitchen remodelling may seem to be challenging but we have included all the possible methods in our services of kitchen renovations to carve the best kitchens for you by meeting all the challenges. The following are the salient features of our renovation projects-

  • Well presented and project delivery on time
  • Punctual and Flexible
  • Crystal clear approach and communication with the clients
  • Smart and Trusted Renovation Specialists for tailored needs
  • Competitive pricing

We enjoy our every piece of work, and that is evident from our completed projects in Alderley area and its surrounding. Contact Us for any types of home and kitchen renovation.

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Bathroom Renovation Results

Full renovation for a new bathroom

Full repair and replacement of old bathroom. See all our Bathroom Renovations in the Gallery.

Beautiful new fittings and fixtures

This bathroom renovation transformed what was a tired old bathroom. Check out all our images in the Gallery.

Dramatic Results

Although just a small, but important part of the home, the final results of the renovations were outstanding.

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