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Decks and Outdoor Areas

Beautiful Decks to suit your home

The climate of Queensland is ideal for being out of doors. Turning an area around the home into another room by the addition of a deck and outdoor living area is where SmartReno’s team excels. Each member of the SmartReno team has years of experience in the creation of ‘The Outdoor Room’ by the addition of a thoughtfully planned out deck.

Whether it be a modern or traditional style home, SmartReno will have in its repertoire a design which will suit and add so much in functionality and value to the home. Pedram again realises that the planning phase of the creation of the Outdoor Living Space is where it all comes together. Listening to the client’s plans and having the ability to enhance these plans is where SmartReno stands above the rest. The choice of timber to be used in the deck, the style and the run of the decking, it’s edging and even the use of herringbone joins to prevent the timber from deterioration over time, all add to the effect. In addition to this, the use of a waterproof material over the timber joists, again to prevent timber deteriorating and the popping of the boards as nails or screws can come loose without this simple technique, is a thoughtful preventative measure.

The use of the correct techniques for installing the deck will also ensure that the timber used will always look good and be a stable platform for any activity. In terms of adding value to the home, a well planned and built deck cannot be underestimated in it’s ability to impress would-be buyers. The return on the investment of a deck is estimated to be around seventy-two percent. A better return than almost any other home improvement you could possibly do!

Building a deck onto your home is the least expensive way to expand the living space of the home without the expense and fuss of a new addition. In Queensland, it is such a way of life today, where outdoor family gatherings are the areas of the home where lasting memories are made.

SmartReno has built beautiful decks in some very difficult areas and in difficult areas to access. All have become a feature of the home and have added immeasurable value to the home.

A beautiful ‘Outdoor Room’ designed to compliment or even enhance the overall harmony of the home is where SmartReno shines. Pedram builds every one of these as if it were his own, putting the extra added touches to bring the area to life and ultimately to make it the favourite living area of the home. Building a roof over the decking will undoubtedly add years to the life and increase its usability. A roof structure that melts into the existing design of the home is as important as the style, strength and durability of the structure itself. Pedram and his team spend hours planning this aspect of the build as the value of doing this cannot be underestimated.

It is without question that planning and building the deck and outdoor living space to add the most to your home is the forte of SmartReno.

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School Deck Extension

Full side of building extension

Full repair and replacement of old windows into doors entering out onto the new timber deck.

Built From The Outside In

Little to no disruption to the everyday tasks of the children and teachers, while the build was undertaken.

Dramatic Results

Although just a small section of the School, the final results from the build were outstanding.

Finished Custom Deck

Photos of our projects are in the Gallery

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