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House Extensions Specialists in Brisbane for Quality Outcomes

Smart Reno has a specialist team who pride themselves on accepting any challenge that may arise from a difficult or complicated extension to an existing home.

The team at Smart Reno cut their teeth with house extensions in Brisbane and all of the team relishes the opportunity to produce the quality work they are renowned for. Smart Reno has a creative design team who have an intimate understanding of construction methods and materials that can be used to highlight any extension build.

Whether it involves removing a load bearing wall and replacing with beams or completely changing the layout of a home to cater for the extension, Smart Reno has the ability, knowledge, experience and understanding to create something which will enhance the property both visually and in practical terms, generally making spaces become more usable and functional. Not to mention adding value to the property as well.

Pedram’s Vision towards Home Extensions

Many times a client will have a general idea of what they are after with an extension build and after spending time with Pedram realise that there is so much more that can be achieved and remain within the investment budget they had in mind.

At this stage of the engagement, Pedram is prepared to dedicate all the time necessary to make sure that all parties are aligned so as the successful completion of the project in Wavell Heights will be exactly as what was discussed in the initial planning and preparation stage of the build.

Pedram and his team know that this time spent with the client discussing and analysing the extension, the client has in mind, is the most crucial time of the engagement.

How Our House Extensions Service Can Help You?

According to the skilful team, you can secure some fantastic benefits by opting for house extension services.

  • First of all, you are going to save a significant amount of money in this process. The qualified team of extension builders in Brisbane working with us understands the value of your money. Practically, if you have to switch your home and opt for a new building, you are required to spend extra money on inspections, real estate commissions along with a lot of other related expenses. However, having an extended part in your space does not require these additional costs in any way.
  • In case you opt for custom built homes, we provide you with flexible design options. When you have bought the house, it might be possible that the existing design was not that satisfactory at all. However, as soon as you go for our extensions service, you will get the flexibility of thinking of a new design to be incorporated into the existing property. That’s great freedom you can exercise by opting for our extension services.
  • Are you planning to sell off your property? Well, you may not realise this but having a property in Coorparoo area with an extended part is something that will help you to gain some extra profit as you decide to sell it and move to another place. It increases the value of your property.

We Put Our Feet ‘In the Shoes’ of the Clients

It is here that the years of experience as custom home builders in Brisbane for working with extensions are most valuable to the client. Often opening their eyes to the possibilities of what can become of their plans. Many times clients have invested time and money with architects and designers, only to find in discussion with Pedram, that many of the planning designs are not practical or even achievable.

Pedram strives to ensure that he puts himself ‘in the shoes’ of the client, looking at the project as if it were his own home, and using his skills to produce something that he and the client would be delighted with. Ensuring that what is presented matches the existing structure in style and finish so in the end, it will not look like an extension but part of the original builds.

We Are Your ‘One Stop Shop’ for the House Extension

No compromise is made on producing the best possible result as Pedram is ‘building his own home’! Smart Reno operate a complete package structure as in a ‘One Stop Shop’, so that when the client is talking and planning with Pedram, they have the security and comfort of knowing that Smart Reno has the contacts to be able to provide quality materials and fittings, required for the build, at the right price giving them the scope to able to pass those savings onto the client.

We Share a Healthy Relationship With Our Cohorts

In addition to being able to access materials, fittings and fixtures, Smart Reno has the connections and relationships with Architects, Draftsmen, Designers, Interior Designers, Landscapers, and Certifiers. Moreover, we have assembled a quality team of associated trades: electricians, plumbers, plasterers, painters and technicians serving in Chapel Hill area which ensure that the job is always completed to the highest of standards that Smart Reno has become known and respected for.

Smart Reno has the vision of becoming Southeast Queensland’s Prestige Builder of choice and the portfolio of work done to date as well as the growing list of delighted clients is a testament that this will very soon become a reality.

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House Extension

Building extension

Full extension to the house for a Teenagers Retreat, extra Bedroom – making a four bedroom house into a five bedroom house.

Built From The Outside In

Little to no disruption to the everyday runnings of the household as the build was underway.

Dramatic Results

Although just a small section of the house was extended, the final results from the build were great for the growing family.

Photos of our projects are in the Gallery

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