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Australian people just love their homes. They always look for opportunities to extend, augment and refurbish their old homes and make it look like a specimen of beauty.

That’s the benefit of owning a property. You get the freedom to renovate it any way you feel like. But that’s not all; most Aussies also hold the notion that ‘Renovating Their Homes Is Far Less Stressful than Buying a New One.’ And here are some clear reasons why they think so.

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‘Financially it is more convenient For Your Pockets’

Financially Convenient PocketsBuying a new home is never easy, and one big reason for that is money and financing. Going for a new house means getting eligible for a new mortgage- which is not easy! Plus, buying a new house also brings into the equation real estate commission, end-of-lease cleaning and also loads of expenses in shifting all your belongings from your old home to your new one.

Again… these involve a lot of expenses and also plenty of unnecessary headaches- which in case of renovations you won’t have to undergo. You will come across numerous renovation companies providing pocket-friendly packages.  But if you are thinking of a big renovation, then you can always swing a home equity loan and compensate for the renovation costs. Yes, there will be costs involved too, but it will be nothing in comparison to buying a new residing place.

‘EXTRA SPACE- Your Motivational Factor of Buying a New Home is covered.’

Extra SpaceAnother clear reason why most homeowners want a new home is ‘Extra Space.’  Whether it’s adding a second story or building an extension of their house for some outdoor leisure time- this is that motivational factor for wanting a new house. However, top- home renovation companies in Holland Park will present options for remodelling the existing property as well as extending the old property both upwards and outwards.

Plus another thing about a fresh property renovation is that you get to choose the design and the construction pre-requisites. Everything will be done as per your wishes- which is not something you will get from buying a new property. This freedom of customisation is another good reason why renovation seems better than purchasing a new home.

Still, you have to keep in mind certain aspects such as:
  • Knowing if your existing home’s foundation will be able to handle the additional weight of reinforcement.
  • Checking with your local zone’s code whether you will be allowed to go ahead with such renovations! Re-construction is going to increase your house footage square and eat away all your extra yard space. So, you need to check if you get permit for that.

Allows You to Enjoy an Increased property ROI.’

Increased Property ROI

It is only natural to state that a well-crafted renovation will only increase your property value. This includes rental returns or getting a higher selling value- if you do happen to sell it sometime in the future.

A good renovation work also entices new buyers willing to pay you the increased property value. But, one thing you should always remember is to get the renovation work done via skilful and licensed renovators of custom built homes in Brisbane. They will make the improvements that help reduce eco-footprints and fit low flow showerheads, taps and other add-ons to increase your future savings.

If you are looking for quality home renovators, then ‘Smart Reno’ is one agency you can check out. They specialise in custom home builds and renovations, and they will definitely be able to help you out.