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Making changes and updates to your home is stressful enough, without you having to worry about unlicensed builders ruining your experience. Asking the right set of questions can save a lot of time, effort and headaches.

Licensed extension builders take away all the potentials for frustration and transform your wishful home experience into one bottomless money pit. You may even hear stories from your neighbours about dodgy builders who cut corners, shrink their responsibilities and are a general pain in the behind.

However, if you have never dealt with a quality extension builder before, it begs to ask the question- How Are You Going To Get It Done In The First-Attempt? 

To help you in your quest, here are some key questions that you should ask your potential builder before hiring them.

Question 1 

“Do You Possess License and Home Indemnity Insurance?” 

The first thing to ask any extension contractor is if they are a licensed builder. With that, also inquire if they possess home indemnity insurance. Request the builder to provide legitimate proof of their license and insurance schemes.

Also, ask them to share references of their pleased clients and samples of their work. By using the references; you can speak to them and know exactly how good the builder is, and their work samples will reveal their skills and proficiency in handling different types of extension assignments.

Question 2 

“What Is Your Work Process?” 

Understanding how the extension builder functions are also very important. Experts who offer top-quality house extensions in Brisbane will understand the scope of the project and provide smart proposals to their clients.

They will:

  • Listen thoroughly to the specifics of every project and use their experience to access the best way to renovate your house.
  • They will measure the cost against the end product and come up with plans to fulfil your plans within your expected budget.
  • They will comply with all building norms and regulations and will also inform you of what can be best achieved on your budget.
  • They will understand your project goals and ensure the end project is most relevant to your requirements.

Our experts at “Smart Reno” follow the same approach. They will always strive to complete your projects On Time, On Budget and On Quality.

Question 3 

“Will You Work in The Area I Plan To Build?” 

This appears to be an important question to ask, particularly if you are sorting out trustworthy options. Some builders may not be eager to work in areas where they have to travel.

To compensate for that, they will send sub-contractors (whom they may not know well). This could hamper the work standard.

Question 4 

“How Many Projects Would You Be Involved When Working On Mine?” 

You would want your extension builder in Brisbane do not bite more than they can chew. The more they focus on your extension project, the fewer mistakes they will make. Add to the fact that your project will finish quicker.

Question 5 

“Who Will Supervise My Extension Project?” 

Lastly; you need a supervisor who keeps everyone honest and committed to quality construction work. With a supervisor present on-site, quality work is performed.

So, ask this question and also check their supervisor’s track record, duration of employment and previous experiences.

“Smart Reno” house extension experts will be more than willing to answer all your questions. So, get in touch with them and ask them whatever comes to your mind.

Their Commitment To Quality Work Is Undying, On Hiring Them, They Will Surpass Your Dream Home Expectations.