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One school of thought says going for house extensions is a sheer wastage of money, while the majority believes it is not. In fact, they are of the opinion that going for house extensions makes a sea of difference when it comes to evaluating properties. This is because these extensions do add value. And how right they are!

The reality is that, they can range from a smallish extension in the kitchen or a loft extension, to the extension of an entire living space on the ground floor or at the upper levels. To be frank, these extensions help to raise the aesthetic value as well as the monetary value of the properties by quite a few notches.

Property value addition

One of the most critical aspects of house extensions is the fact that they increase the estimated value of the house in the property market. The catchiest extensions can go to as far as raising the estimated value by almost 12 to 18 per cent of the present value.

Besides, the structures provide extra living space, which at the end of the day is a much cheaper solution than opting for an entirely new house, for the sake of some additional living space.

They provide an altogether new look

These extensions come in various shapes and sizes. This is because anything that is not the part of the original space included in a property can be termed as extensions. The most common forms of house extensions in Brisbane are kitchen extensions, which are closely followed by the extensions of lofts.

Then there are those cellar extensions, though it takes a deeper coffer to build one. That is the reason loft extensions enjoy a more healthy market than the cellar extensions.

The advantages of these extensions

  • These extensions are much cheaper than an entire new home that has more living spaces
  • They make the valuation of the property to skyrocket
  • These extensions give the household an access to improved and more facilities
  • They lend more headroom and more lights
  • Importantly, in spite of the fact that they add more living space, they do not occupy any garden or backyard space


What new aesthetic value they add?

These extensions have no definite size and shape. The ways they will look, entirely depends upon the choice of the owner. Thus here, the aesthetic sense of customers comes into play in a big way. With a practical aesthetic sense from the customers’ end, the custom-built homes in Brisbane will take an altogether new look with the help of these catchy house extensions.

They are durable, stylish, sleek, and they gel seamlessly with the getup of the houses if appropriately designed. That is why companies that come up with these house extensions are doing so well all over the world.

For instance, Queensland-based Smart Reno has become one of the most famous names in the property market with its immaculate house extension services. They come up with some innovative designs for their clients. This has made them one of the most successful companies in this field.