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So, you have outgrown your home. However, you are in an ideal location, the children are settled in a good school, and the neighbours are great. You don’t want to move but you need more space! Perhaps it’s time to consider a Home Extension to create the added space and functionality needed in your home.

House Extensions have become increasingly popular for homeowners who wish to stay in their area, but require more space due to lifestyle changes such as a growing family with children, multigenerational living or the increasing trend of ‘working from home.’ 

The Home Extension option provides many benefits such as:

  • Save on costs associated with selling your home and repurchasing another, e.g. real estate fees, inspections, government charges, removalists etc.
  • Add value to your property (especially in highly sought-after suburbs)
  • Less expensive compared to knock down and rebuild, subject to the extent of the work – please refer to our Guideline on Renovate or Rebuild 
  • Options to suit your existing home and budget (Ground Floor Extensions, Second Storey Additions, or Lift & Build Under Extensions)
  • Minimal disruptions to your activities (stay in your home during the process, in most cases).


  • Home Extension Types

Common Extension options include Ground Floor Extensions, where an area is extended on the existing level of the home.  It is one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to add space.  A Second Storey Extension is well suited to homeowners wishing to add floor area and views without sacrificing backyard space.  Certain homes such as the iconic Queenslander can achieve great outcomes with a Lift & Build Under Extension that create flexible lower level options such as garaging and additional accommodation.


  • Why Choose a Professional Builder?

Whichever Extension project you choose, it is important to ensure that the construction matches the existing structure in style and finish, so that it will appear to be part of the original build as opposed to an unappealing “add-on” look. This is where a professional builder can make the difference. 

SmartReno are specialists in Home Extensions and we offer a professional design and construction service to help you create the space and functionality that you envision. We listen to your ideas and offer our expert suggestions, while keeping within your budget. Whether it involves removing a load bearing wall to replace with beams, or completely changing the layout of a home to cater for the extension, SmartReno has the ability, knowledge, experience and understanding to create something which will enhance the property both visually and in practical terms, making spaces become more usable and functional. 

Even if you just have a general idea of what you envisage for your home extension, SmarReno can start by showing you how to achieve the best outcome within your investment budget. Contact us today, ph. 0406 616 690, to discuss your Home Extension needs! Brisbane’s trusted home extension and custom home specialists. Click here to view our Gallery showcasing SmartReno’s quality workmanship and design.