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Custom Designed Kitchens

Custom Designed Kitchens

The kitchen is more than a practical space to prepare your meals, often, it is called the “Heart of a Home” and arguably one of the most important areas of your home.

Whether you are looking at building your home or home renovation, how a Kitchen is designed can affect the overall resale value and enjoyment of your home. Think of how much time we spend in the kitchen – it is where family and friends congregate, spend time together, and a place to cook and share meals. Since it’s also centrally located and visible, it should be an area of high priority and customised to suit your needs.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, here are several key points to keep in mind:


Firstly, consider what the layout should be for your kitchen. This will also depend on the surrounding areas of the home. Where is your kitchen located and which shape will blend well with the living and dining areas? Popular open plan choices include the Island kitchen, L-shaped, U-shaped, and the galley kitchen.


Due to food preparations and hygiene purposes, the kitchen floor will need to withstand frequent cleaning and be anti-slipping. Durable flooring choices include ceramic tiles, easy clean laminate or vinyl planks, or for a bit of flare and style – stone or polished concrete flooring. With various textures available that are not only hard-wearing but provide good grip, you won’t need to compromise on style!


Next, consider the items that are to be installed in your kitchen. This includes appliances, tapware, sinks, benchtops, storage, and cabinets. This is where you can be very creative in terms of your style and add character to complement the theme of your home. From the cabinet doors to the handles, you can customise every detail to your heart’s desire.


Finally, consider the amount of natural light from where windows are located, and what type of lighting would best suit the area. You will need sufficient lighting for safety especially during meal preparations, but that doesn’t mean you need to resort to the good old-fashioned fluorescents. Nowadays there are many contemporary lighting solutions that are not only energy-efficient but are also stylish and can add an extra touch of personality and customisation to the heart of your home.

SmartReno believes your kitchen should enhance your lifestyle and view your kitchen project as a masterpiece, a creation that reflects your ideas and dreams. Our expert team can provide you with a professional complete design and construction service tailored to you, whether it be a new build or a kitchen remodelling project. Why not get in touch today to see how we can custom design your dream kitchen today!

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Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Leave It to the Experts

Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Leave It to the Experts

In the early days, kitchens were considered to be the Heaven for all female homemakers. But as men started to perfect their cooking skills, even they began treating kitchens as the Heart N Soul of their solaceful dwelling place.

That Brings To the Important Question-

Is Your Kitchen Due For An Awesome Renovation Makeover?”  

If it is, then you would be better off to leave this to the professionals who have done it plenty of times before, than run the risk of ruining it by taking the DIY route.

Kitchen (or any house renovation) for that matter can be a difficult chore. You need to be familiar with all the rudimentary renovation skills to bring out its best aesthetics.

Hiring reputed and licensed builders for your home kitchen renovations should be your first choice as they take the entire workload and ensures that it is carried out immaculately in the first instance only.

Take a look at these points which explain why one should summon professional home renovation builders in Brisbane and leave the work to them.

1. These Pros Advice You Which Renovation Suits Your Budget

When discussing the importance of including professional renovators, the first convenience is they help save a lot of money. These experts have a clear picture of what products and renovation themes work best for your budget.

Most try DIYing and end up ruining their kitchen refurbishment and eventually call these professionals to fix it up. This makes you spend more than necessary.

Don’t make this mistake. Rather save yourself from overspending or developing unwanted headaches. Call them over and give your kitchen the best possible renovation ever.

2. The Right Field Experience for Classy Kitchen Renovations

Professional home renovators come with abundance of field experience and by hiring them; you can use their knowledge to your advantage.

So, if you have a particular theme or design in mind, you can convey it to these experts. Being aware of all the latest kitchen makeover trends, they will deliver results which will surpass your requirements and leave you ecstatic.

3. Quick Work Completion and Access to All Refurbishing Pre-requisites

Believe it or not, most home renovators still learn as they do their client’s work. This can cost you extra money and even extends the timeline set for the work completion.

But, if you get a hold of quality and highly knowledgeable professionals, they will make prompt work of your kitchen tune-ups. They have their own specialised procedure to install parts and materials and ensure the work gets done inside its set schedule.

Another convenience is that you gain access to quality building parts and pre-requisites (some of which you may not find online) owing to their years of supplying relationship.

4. Hassle-Free Renovation Permits for Your Kitchen Redecorations

Usually, it is difficult to get permits from the local authorities concerning your kitchen remodelling needs. But when you have professional contractors by your side, you can expect to procure your permit without breaking a sweat.

Your hired professionals will contact the right person for the permit and make sure that your kitchen remodelling work in Alderley starts in super-quick time.

PEACE OF MIND is what you get when you allow builders of kitchen renovations to do all the work for you. So, don’t delay things any further.

For best results, you can call up kitchen renovators from ‘Smart Reno’ and create The Kitchen of Your Dreams!

Kenmore Hills

This project was an ongoing sequence of different projects. To start with the existing old and dated asbestos sheet cladding on the outside of the house was removed and replaced with a new and modern looking chamfer board, which updated the place considerably.

A second project involved removing of a post under the house and supporting the structure with steel beams, built some framing to allow for a garage door but the net effect of this project was to allow for the garage to be able to accommodate two cars where previously there was room for just 1 car. A load bearing wall was removed from upstairs and the kitchen was completely renovated. New cabinetry with two pack finish doors and a granite bench top feature in this lovely new kitchen.

At the front of the house the old, ugly roof was removed to make way for a new and modern look roof to create a sheltered portico area. The old front door was removed and replaced with an old door from one of the parents’ places. The aged door was restored to look as new. Now positioned at the house entrance with side panel windows it adds a lovely inviting feature to the front of the house.

About a year later the whole porch area was renovated to completely enhance the entrance to this lovely period home.