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Planning Home Extension & Renovation Project with Your Contractor

Planning Home Extension & Renovation Project with Your Contractor

Do not think that the issue of house extension renovation is a piece of piss. It will hit back at you heavily sooner or later. Unless you have an absolute hold on the subject, refrain from DIY stuff as well. You will in all probability, make a dog’s breakfast out of it. Hence, the best stance for you is to turn to a quality company that will provide you assistance in not only the carrying out the project successfully, but even while you are planning it.

Planning, planning and planning! 

Bloody oath, mate!! That’s what you need before anything, and that’s when the contribution of a quality company will make much of a difference! Now when it comes to planning, there are various ways in which you can approach.

Way 1: Evaluate your Requirements as per their Merits 

It is essential to know what you require the most. You need to fulfil the bare necessity of your family before you do anything else. Here, you need to consult with the specialists of the company that offers home renovations in Brisbane.

These Brizzie specialists will use all their knowledge, experience and acumen to provide you with valuable tips to come to a concrete decision. At times, you tend to overlook certain minute points, and that’s when these blokes will assist you.

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Way 2: Assessing the Situation 

You need to take stock of the ground reality. You need to ascertain the condition of your home and then take a look at the budget that you have stipulated for the renovation project. This will help you come to the terms of reality and assess the extent of renovation that you need to and whether you can afford it.

Again, a team of professionals will be of immense help to you, as they will be able to assess the condition of your home better than you.

We pride to say that we at Smart Reno are home to some of the finest specialists you can expect to help you in situations like this. They will use all their knowledge to come up with the best suggestion in regards to your home renovation after a thorough inspection.

Way 3: Start a Notebook for Effective Designing 

In case you are looking forward to some plans for house extensions for your Brisbane home, you need to visualize the look and feel of the new design. For that, it’s better if you maintain a notebook to jot down your designing ideas in a candid manner. It will also help you to explain your imaginative prowess to the specialists when you discuss things with them.

House Extensions Brisbane

Way 4: Make your Wish List

Fret not!  Make a wish list to make sure you have all your ideas noted down in black and white as and when you approach a home renovation and extension company. Companies like us would welcome this approach. Many clients come up to us with this kind of list, putting across all their desires, discussing things with us. This actually works at the end in a very effective way.

So what makes you falter? We come with all the assistance in the world that you need before and during your home renovation and extension. So call us up or get us via online and we will be more than happy to serve you to make your home the sweetest place on earth to live in!

Opting for Custom Built Homes – Does It Actually Make Sense?

Opting for Custom Built Homes – Does It Actually Make Sense?

One of the initial decisions that a buyer of a home has to take is whether the bloke needs to go for a custom built home or root for a readymade dwelling. If you are one of them, then you have quite a decision on the plate to opt for. In other words, you need to weigh the two and choose for the one that will be more conducive for you.

Here is where the majority of banks for the custom-built homes.  However, does that make sense? Yes, it does. And there are specific reasons behind that. Here they are.

The style and the getup

Ideally speaking, the getup of your home should depend upon the area you are planning to settle in. The amount of sunshine, rain, temperature and humidity of the place should determine the amount of ventilation, the number of doors and windows and the angles thereof. Thus, you would need a company that is expert in taking stock of all these factors and master a plan for your house accordingly.

Setting Up A Serene World For Fine Living

For instance, if you are planning to settle in a Brisbane suburb, the getup of your home should differ from the one you would need to settle in Mount Isa. The custom built homes of Brisbane should differ in getup from the one in Mount Isa – the reason being, Brisbane is close to the sea, while Mount Isa is not.

Here is where a master company that is into building custom built homes comes into play. We at Smart Reno do precisely that to make sure our customers find themselves at ease at home. In us, you find a bunch of professionals who will live up to your expectations, and come up with your dream home in the way you like them to. 

The materials are fresh

The materials that are used in these custom homes are new, needless to say. Most importantly you can have your favourite brands and the right kind of materials used for the right type of work. This leaves you in rapt at the end of the day. Moreover, you know exactly about the quality of materials that are used in construction, and this gives you that satisfaction worth a big bikkies.

The Ambiance will Satisfy You

The Look – It Makes Difference To Your Home

Then there is the ambiance, which should be at par your expectations. This is something you hardly get when you opt for a readymade home. The lawn, the garden, the surroundings should gel with the getup of your house and satisfy your aesthetic instincts. This is where the custom home builders of Brisbane make all the difference. These companies have the expertise to take note of your preferences and come up with homes that you can only dream of.

Again, companies like Smart Reno come to the forefront. We at Smart Reno take stock of your needs and your preferences. Our experienced and highly competent builders come up with your dream home that your neighbours will envy, and you will be proud of – in the truest sense!!!!

What Makes Home Renovation Less Stressful Than Buying a New Home?

What Makes Home Renovation Less Stressful Than Buying a New Home?

Australian people just love their homes. They always look for opportunities to extend, augment and refurbish their old homes and make it look like a specimen of beauty.

That’s the benefit of owning a property. You get the freedom to renovate it any way you feel like. But that’s not all; most Aussies also hold the notion that ‘Renovating Their Homes Is Far Less Stressful than Buying a New One.’ And here are some clear reasons why they think so.

Follow closely!

‘Financially it is more convenient For Your Pockets’

Buying a new home is never easy, and one big reason for that is money and financing. Going for a new house means getting eligible for a new mortgage- which is not easy! Plus, buying a new house also brings into the equation real estate commission, end-of-lease cleaning and also loads of expenses in shifting all your belongings from your old home to your new one.

Again… these involve a lot of expenses and also plenty of unnecessary headaches- which in case of renovations you won’t have to undergo. You will come across numerous renovation companies providing pocket-friendly packages.  But if you are thinking of a big renovation, then you can always swing a home equity loan and compensate for the renovation costs. Yes, there will be costs involved too, but it will be nothing in comparison to buying a new residing place.

‘EXTRA SPACE- Your Motivational Factor of Buying a New Home is covered.’

Another clear reason why most homeowners want a new home is ‘Extra Space.’  Whether it’s adding a second story or building an extension of their house for some outdoor leisure time- this is that motivational factor for wanting a new house. However, top- home renovation companies in Holland Park will present options for remodelling the existing property as well as extending the old property both upwards and outwards.

Plus another thing about a fresh property renovation is that you get to choose the design and the construction pre-requisites. Everything will be done as per your wishes- which is not something you will get from buying a new property. This freedom of customisation is another good reason why renovation seems better than purchasing a new home.

Still, you have to keep in mind certain aspects such as:
  • Knowing if your existing home’s foundation will be able to handle the additional weight of reinforcement.
  • Checking with your local zone’s code whether you will be allowed to go ahead with such renovations! Re-construction is going to increase your house footage square and eat away all your extra yard space. So, you need to check if you get permit for that.


Allows You to Enjoy an Increased property ROI.’

It is only natural to state that a well-crafted renovation will only increase your property value. This includes rental returns or getting a higher selling value- if you do happen to sell it sometime in the future.

A good renovation work also entices new buyers willing to pay you the increased property value. But, one thing you should always remember is to get the renovation work done via skilful and licensed renovators of custom built homes in Brisbane. They will make the improvements that help reduce eco-footprints and fit low flow showerheads, taps and other add-ons to increase your future savings.

If you are looking for quality home renovators, then ‘Smart Reno’ is one agency you can check out. They specialise in custom home builds and renovations, and they will definitely be able to help you out.

House Extensions Increases Property Value – Myth or Reality

House Extensions Increases Property Value – Myth or Reality

One school of thought says going for house extensions is a sheer wastage of money, while the majority believes it is not. In fact, they are of the opinion that going for house extensions makes a sea of difference when it comes to evaluating properties. This is because these extensions do add value. And how right they are!

The reality is that, they can range from a smallish extension in the kitchen or a loft extension, to the extension of an entire living space on the ground floor or at the upper levels. To be frank, these extensions help to raise the aesthetic value as well as the monetary value of the properties by quite a few notches.

Property value addition

One of the most critical aspects of house extensions is the fact that they increase the estimated value of the house in the property market. The catchiest extensions can go to as far as raising the estimated value by almost 12 to 18 per cent of the present value.

Besides, the structures provide extra living space, which at the end of the day is a much cheaper solution than opting for an entirely new house, for the sake of some additional living space.

They provide an altogether new look

These extensions come in various shapes and sizes. This is because anything that is not the part of the original space included in a property can be termed as extensions. The most common forms of house extensions in Brisbane are kitchen extensions, which are closely followed by the extensions of lofts.

Then there are those cellar extensions, though it takes a deeper coffer to build one. That is the reason loft extensions enjoy a more healthy market than the cellar extensions.

The advantages of these extensions

  • These extensions are much cheaper than an entire new home that has more living spaces
  • They make the valuation of the property to skyrocket
  • These extensions give the household an access to improved and more facilities
  • They lend more headroom and more lights
  • Importantly, in spite of the fact that they add more living space, they do not occupy any garden or backyard space


What new aesthetic value they add?

These extensions have no definite size and shape. The ways they will look, entirely depends upon the choice of the owner. Thus here, the aesthetic sense of customers comes into play in a big way. With a practical aesthetic sense from the customers’ end, the custom-built homes in Brisbane will take an altogether new look with the help of these catchy house extensions.

They are durable, stylish, sleek, and they gel seamlessly with the getup of the houses if appropriately designed. That is why companies that come up with these house extensions are doing so well all over the world.

For instance, Queensland-based Smart Reno has become one of the most famous names in the property market with its immaculate house extension services. They come up with some innovative designs for their clients. This has made them one of the most successful companies in this field.

Things about a Home Renovation You’re Interpreting Wrong

Things about a Home Renovation You’re Interpreting Wrong

Remodel to renovate, and that is not so tough a task as one thinks it to be.

The case is that a home renovation may bring links to images of works like heavy construction, intense dirt and debris accumulation, broken or dismantled parts in the home, wet and greasy areas because of chemical inclusion at work and a lot of stuff you consider nightmarish.

Here is where you make that natural tendency of humans go active. It is misconceptions about a home renovation process for a custom built home in Brisbane, which actually gets counted as one of your dreamy expectations. But, to get that personalized touch and comfort in your home, stick to rectifying what you’ve got wrong about a home renovation process.

Here’s a way to do that if you read the following…

Misconception 1: You Cannot Stay Inside At the Time Professionals Renovate

custom built home BrisbaneThe factor is that one needs to be very precise at the expectations about a home renovation process. Why that? To explain the professionals the kind of work you want so that they ensure a planning that would not abandon you from saying inside your home. Firstly, if you are clear about your specific demands, then your home renovators would separate their duty clearly. Moreover, they would also arrange of renovation components such as temporary walls (that isolates the operational area from the other areas), bathrooms or kitchens to help you with your daily chores. The real fact is that, you need not move out.

Misconception 2: Moving Is A Better Option

Well, moving may not be a bad option, but it is not so profitable as a home renovation process. The truth is that people believe that they would get a range of newer features and facilities at the new place. But, the bitter matter is that one has to sacrifice a lot too since it is a new place. For home renovation, the point of sacrificing is almost negligible. Plus, if new traits are required, then it can be MADE rather than buying a new home in a much higher expense.

Misconception 3: It Doesn’t Add To Property Value

Think clearly. You have the chance of adding a second storey to your home. You again have a chance to develop the material structure of the house and make it look elegant or be improved. Moreover, the renovation process, sometimes, adds a number of amenities for your home. If you make some extensions, then again you get an increased property evaluation. So, don’t worry about additional property value if you renovate.

Misconception 4: It Takes a Long Time, and You Cannot Provide That

The fact is you are renovating a home and not making one. Renovation processes or house extensions in Brisbane doesn’t take so much of time to be finished. Here is why you need professional assistance. They would make the work easier for offering you a set of privileges and faster for your convenience.

To Conclude: Speak To the Experts Before You Seek the Wrong Conception

Always speak to the experts before you make something wrong about a home renovation process. These interesting renovations are never complicated, and professionals would happily explain to you how they are done. For effective guidance and advanced home renovation, all you need to do is to appoint the professionals from Smartreno. The brand is getting in the spotlight for the illuminating work it guarantees.

After all, you renovate for a better home and a much better life inside it.


3 Ways by which you can Elongate the Life of Structural Beams in Custom Homes

3 Ways by which you can Elongate the Life of Structural Beams in Custom Homes

The role of the beam is indispensable when it comes to construction. This particular section plays an immense role in giving structural stability to a building. The roof and the walls depend on the strength and durability of the house being constructed. It is, therefore, the masons or the structural engineers stress on the quality of the beam. As far as the old constructions are concerned, these are the beams that play a crucial role.

The materials used in the beams vary from place to place. The most common material used for the construction of the beam is the steel. No doubt, the flexibility and the versatility in this material, has undoubtedly, made it the most regarded material for the construction’s structural framework. And, why not? The properties of the steel paved the way for the fabricators as well as the constructors to create unique and functional buildings.

Being advantageous on so many factors, what becomes a matter of concern is its property of getting rusted easily. Being opened or exposed to the different environmental conditions, the possibility of corrosion is always at its peak. Therefore, it becomes necessary to safeguard these structural elements to ensure durability. The following are some of the ways by which a steel structural beam can be secured-


The process of applying a coat of zinc on the surface is called galvanisation. The experts prefer to use these galvanised steel beams for the custom-built home builders in Brisbane. This electroplating method forms a durable coating of the metal zinc on the surface and hence, protecting the surface from the direct exposure to the external environment.

2. Going for the Organic Coating

Well, the process of organic coating includes applying a layer of oil on the surface. This acts as the barrier between the surface and the various environmental factors responsible for the corrosion. However, one major advantage with this type of coating is that one needs to apply it after a regular interval as a part of maintenance else the surface gets exposed to the environment.

3. Powder Coating

It is yet another effective way of preventing the surface of the steel from corroding. The surface is treated with powder electrostatically and then soaked in the heat to ensure that the surface gets an even layer of coating. Like the organic coating, the powder coating still needs to be maintained on a regular basis because a scratch is going to expose the surface.

Apart from the steel beams for structure, many houses have solid beams. The companies that cater for home renovation in Holland Park ensure that even the solid beams remain strong enough to bear the load of the house. Therefore, any compression or sagging of the beam needs to be attended with utmost care and on-time maintenance needs to be carried out.


Beams are the basic elements that guarantee the stability of the structure. It not only bears the load (horizontal and vertical) but also distributes them equally. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the beams are appropriately maintained irrespective of the type.