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It is often said that an object placed under the eye will appear differently if the same thing is put above it. Same is the case with an enclosed space. The real ambience and the essence of the objects placed in the room will look very different in an open area. What remains the most crucial aspect in the case of open plan living is a connection.

Gone are the days when the lounge or kitchen served a specific purpose. With doors being the demarcation surface, living in such houses was simple, and it was the only way.

But with the changing lifestyle, the concept of floor design has changed. With the growing urge to stay connected with the family members, the idea of open living came into existence. In short, open plan living provided greater convenience and comfort.

The following are some of the crucial things to keep in consideration while renovating your house and transforming it into the above-mentioned concept–

1. Customising your Open Plan Living


The purpose of such a plan is to stay connected with the members and motivate each member to take part in the family activity. Therefore, every renovation project that involves extension should ensure the presence of ample open space to ‘socialise’. Evading the things that clutter the area/space should be avoided. Customising the extension would help to get what you want.

2. Removing a Wall or Two

Well, if you think removing a wall is easy, then you are wrong. Remodelling a house with old facilities into a modern, attractive, useful one is challenging. Getting help from the professional extension builder in Brisbane from SmartReno Pty Ltd will make the plan successful. What is needed is careful planning of the areas that are to transform into open space.

3. Ascertaining Smooth Movement

Every design of the renovation should ensure that there is enough space available for the smooth movement of not only people but also house commodities. Therefore, while planning an extension, it is always advised to inspect the space and how it should be designed. The open living plan considers this aspect as well.

4. Keeping the Right Length to Width Ratio


Keeping the Right Length to Width Ratio

Every house has a different floor plan. Therefore, a thoughtful floor design helps in creating the right living space. As far as this is concerned, experts of home extensions in Brisbane trust the rectangular shape when it comes to functionality. A wider area with apt length fits in all sorts of furniture and assist in interior decoration.

5. Ensuring Natural Lights Everywhere

Always remember that a successful open-plan living extension takes into account two vital elements- the height of the ceiling and the presence of windows. The right amount of each of them guarantees a great ambience apart from being functional. The presence of natural light ensures great curtailment in the electricity bills. In addition to it, the right extension will give the illusion of a larger space. Renovators believe that a soaring ceiling adds grandeur to the interior of the house.


Creating space in a streamlined manner shows the true essence of a significant renovation project. When it comes to open plan living, not only planning but keeping an account of all the aspects of extension is going to transform your living effectively. Contact the professional home builders from SmartReno Pty Ltd to have your dream of ‘open space living’ come to reality.