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House extension is more or less like producing a movie. Experts believe that there are exactly no right ways to have it done. However, several wrong ways can upset your project. For the jobs like renovation and extension, one needs to be creative and flexible apart from moving fast and remaining prepared. Slackness in any of the attribute is always going to make the project expensive.

House extension has never been an easy task. If you are thinking of having it done, then make sure all the necessary elements are fulfilled so that the project remains under control and completes smoothly. Most of the cases of the projects getting costly have been because of the improper planning. Here are the few tips that would help the owners to have the house expansion completed in a fixed budget.

  • Plan your Demolition

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When you are going to have your house extended, demolition plays a crucial role. However, destruction can be a headache if not correctly planned. It is one of the costly phases of the house extension as it consumes not only time but also the labor involved in the demolition and removing the debris. Therefore, what is needed is to ensure that the demolition is kept the minimal. Whatever is required should be knocked down.

  • Plan all the Inclusion/Attached Accessories

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Some of you might have seen instances that a house extension project worth $60,000 has ended up at $120,000. Ever thought, how this has happened? Well, what most of the renovators in Brisbane miss out is to include the things that are to be attached after the expansion is done. For example, the inclusion of the tiles, or any added luxury is always going to add to the project.

  • Plan all the Jobs Related to Renovation/Extension

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Extension or renovation is the best time to give a facelift to your house. It is the prime moment when the owners of the house can shed off their old flooring; traditional wall finishes giving them a modern up-dated look. While the home renovation is in progress, some other sectors come to limelight (these are the unplanned renewal). For example, giving the kitchen or the warehouse a facelift, or getting the porch done in a sublime way etc.

Experts are of the opinion that making a detailed list of all the required restoration work and working accordingly is always going to fix everything within the budget.

  • Stress on Improving the Construction Efficiency

Going after an item with relatively higher cost is never going to keep the project within budget. What the renovation specialists from Holland Park say is that using the substitutes of the same material that has relatively lower price can help complete the project in the fixed resources. They also suggest avoiding the constructions that are going to consume not only time but also labour.


All is going to be well during the entire renovation/extension project if the above mentioned essential things are kept into consideration. Seeking help or consultation from reputed builders like Smart Reno is always going to make the project SMART.