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The role of the beam is indispensable when it comes to construction. This particular section plays an immense role in giving structural stability to a building. The roof and the walls depend on the strength and durability of the house being constructed. It is, therefore, the masons or the structural engineers stress on the quality of the beam. As far as the old constructions are concerned, these are the beams that play a crucial role.

The materials used in the beams vary from place to place. The most common material used for the construction of the beam is the steel. No doubt, the flexibility and the versatility in this material, has undoubtedly, made it the most regarded material for the construction’s structural framework. And, why not? The properties of the steel paved the way for the fabricators as well as the constructors to create unique and functional buildings.

Being advantageous on so many factors, what becomes a matter of concern is its property of getting rusted easily. Being opened or exposed to the different environmental conditions, the possibility of corrosion is always at its peak. Therefore, it becomes necessary to safeguard these structural elements to ensure durability. The following are some of the ways by which a steel structural beam can be secured-


The process of applying a coat of zinc on the surface is called galvanisation. The experts prefer to use these galvanised steel beams for the custom-built home builders in Brisbane. This electroplating method forms a durable coating of the metal zinc on the surface and hence, protecting the surface from the direct exposure to the external environment.

2. Going for the Organic Coating

Well, the process of organic coating includes applying a layer of oil on the surface. This acts as the barrier between the surface and the various environmental factors responsible for the corrosion. However, one major advantage with this type of coating is that one needs to apply it after a regular interval as a part of maintenance else the surface gets exposed to the environment.

3. Powder Coating

It is yet another effective way of preventing the surface of the steel from corroding. The surface is treated with powder electrostatically and then soaked in the heat to ensure that the surface gets an even layer of coating. Like the organic coating, the powder coating still needs to be maintained on a regular basis because a scratch is going to expose the surface.

Apart from the steel beams for structure, many houses have solid beams. The companies that cater for home renovation in Holland Park ensure that even the solid beams remain strong enough to bear the load of the house. Therefore, any compression or sagging of the beam needs to be attended with utmost care and on-time maintenance needs to be carried out.


Beams are the basic elements that guarantee the stability of the structure. It not only bears the load (horizontal and vertical) but also distributes them equally. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the beams are appropriately maintained irrespective of the type.