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Here’s how we offer SMART proposals and ideas for our customers:


We listen thoroughly to understand your requirements and expectations and use our experience to assess how best to renovate your property to achieve your goals. Gifts make nice surprises, but surprises in a building project are generally unwelcome. So we take special care to anticipate all aspects of the project to provide very specific well defined scope of work and pricing. Getting this stage correct and very specific as to what you can achieve with your budget, helps the rest of the SMARTRENO project proceed smoothly to completion by target date.


The initial decisions and scope of works enables us and our clients to measure the cost against the end product. The three key measures are to deliver your project On Time, On Budget and On Quality, as you see your expected budget being well
managed to bring your plans to life.


In all cases, we bring all our experience and expertise to help you achieve your ideas. Where it is not possible, in terms of feasibility, complying with regulations or your budget, we will advise you with honesty as to what is attainable. “Harsh reality is always better than false hope!” By being clear on what is attainable, we find clients are more relaxed during the project, knowing exactly what to expect.


Understanding your key goals, ensures that our guidance on your plans remains most relevant to what you want to achieve. Where budget requires trade-offs, we will help you make the right decisions so that the end project is most relevant to your needs.


All building projects run perfectly on time. Or do they? We understand that time delays would likely cause inconvenience or other unexpected costs related to your needs for the finished project. An extra bedroom is normally needed by a set date, or an enlarged living space or enclosed garage are often needed for a particular event. We find that through setting SMART goals, we know exactly when your project must reach key stages and we operate to remain time bound throughout. In our experience, completing a project on time or even early, is a welcome result. We take special care to remain time bound,as the delight it brings, is often a key reason we hear why others are referred to SMARTRENO.


What’s our secret sauce? Crisp execution of our processes

Our Process to Achieve a SMART result:

  1. Obtain and understand your specific requirements and expectations including features & functionality, budget and timeline, through discussion and preferably a site visit.
  2. Based on the designs & engineering, we define draft scope of work with several attainable options with ballpark pricing *
    2.1. A preliminary agreement is signed to undertake design/engineering.
    2.2. We define project specifications to meet your requirements.
    2.3. We complete your concept design and engineering ready for step 3.
  3. From the selected options, we provide a detailed scope of work and pricing through draft of contract for your review and approval. This is where SMART GOALS feature in your plans.
  4. If we meet your expectations goals, the contract is signed.
  5. A detailed schedule is prepared, materials ordered and Council approvals acquired.
  6. The real work begins as the project execution is started.
  7. Monitoring and control throughout construction and quality checks keeps us on time, on budget and on quality for the SMART goals
  8. Practical completion including Council final inspections plus a project review with you to ensure expectations are met. We actively look for key learnings from every project as we strive for continual improvement of our team for every greater accuracy in working SMART.
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